Young Adult Addiction Treatment

Young adulthood is a time when maturing adolescents are expected to emerge into functioning adults who are capable of increased responsibility and greater independence. Young adults are in search of meaningful relationships, careers, and a greater sense of their own identity—an identity separate and unique from their parents. Unfortunately, many young adults struggle to successfully achieve these developmental tasks because they are challenged by significant barriers such as addiction or mental health issues. Problems like substance use, depression, anxiety, trauma, self-harm, and failure to launch can impede brain development and can impact a young adult’s social, emotional, and intellectual functioning. Despite their potential to be caring, loving, and capable people, young adults with substance use disorders or mental health problems often seem at their worst. They may engage in self-destructive behavior, have explosive bouts of anger, experience school failures, or exhibit significant self-hatred and disdain for others. In order for the young adult to fully recover and recognize their potential, they are often in need of professional support.

At Cottonwood Tucson, we recognize the unique challenges of treating young adults. Our developmental approach to treatment provides an opportunity for young adults to explore barriers to independence and success. While young adults benefit from relationships with age contemporary peers in treatment, they also have an opportunity to interact with people of all ages in recovery. Research suggests that such intergenerational interactions help young adults to synthesize new information and learn from the life experiences of others who may possess more maturity. Treatment interventions are structured to help young adults reduce impulsivity and recognize the role of culture and peer influences in recovery. At Cottonwood, young adults participate in groups and activities that allow them to identify and implement age appropriate strategies for coping with issues like depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, substance use disorders, social difficulties, and family conflict.

Young Adult Drug Rehab Young adults often struggle to individuate from their family system. They may demand independence and yet be unable to support or care for themselves. Due to the extent of their child’s struggles, parents and family members of young adults may have difficulty trusting or feel fearful about the future. At Cottonwood, young adults participate in family therapy in order to reduce conflict, increase awareness, and create a structured support system for recovery. In addition, family members are encouraged to participate in structured aftercare planning to provide the best chances for long-term success for the young adult in recovery.

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Some of the issues we address for young adults include:

Young Adult Drug Rehab at our Arizona Drug Rehab

Admissions staff is available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have about our young adult drug rehab at our Arizona drug rehab.  Please contact us at (800) 877-4520.  We look forward to serving as a resource for your young adult clients.

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