Spiritual Path

Spirituality and Addiction Recovery

Labrynth at Cottonwood Tucson, Arizona rehabThe essence and the very core of Cottonwood Tucson’s Arizona rehab is based upon every member of the staff, and each of our clients, centering their lives upon a Spiritual foundation. We believe that a Spiritual base is necessary for a holistic, happy, healthy lifestyle for everyone, not just our patients.

In a fast-paced, materialistic society, Spirituality can be overlooked and forgotten. It is to people as roots are to a tree. Without a strong root system, the tree will topple in adverse conditions. So, too, each of us without a good, solid Spiritual foundation may topple. It is truly the meaning of life.

Cottonwood’s Spiritual Path

COTTONWOOD TUCSON is proud of the Spiritual Path that borders the back of the campus. The path is located in a natural desert setting and offers a safe workshop where residents can spend quiet time in introspection and meditation - both essential to addiction recovery.

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