Eating Disorder Self Assessment Quiz

Eating Disorders Symptoms Quiz

  1. Yes   No
    Do you overeat until you feel sick?
  2. Yes   No
    Do you feel guilt and remorse when you eat?
  3. Yes   No
    Are you terrified of being overweight?
  4. Yes   No
    Does it feel as though food controls your life?
  5. Yes   No
    Do you weigh yourself at least once a day?
  6. Yes   No
    Do other people say you're thin but you think you're fat?
  7. Yes   No
    Do you make yourself vomit?
  8. Yes   No
    Do you regularly take laxatives or diuretics to lose weight?
  9. Yes   No
    Do you exercise no matter how tired or sick you may feel and feel upset when you miss a day?
  10. Yes   No
    Do you eat or refuse to eat when tense, anxious, or disappointed?
  11. Yes   No
    Do you feel exhilarated or "in control" when you don't eat?
  12. Yes   No
    Have you taken drugs to curb your appetite?
  13. Yes   No
    Do you feel defeated or hopeless about food or your body size?
  14. Yes   No
    Have you kept any of these issues secret?



If you have answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you may have an eating disorder.
Eating disorders are very serious and can kill.

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