Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

At Cottonwood Tucson, we pride ourselves on our internationally respected co-occurring disorders program. Frequently, substance abuse and another condition, such as depression, occur together - this known as a co-occurring disorder. As a first step to determine whether there is a need for co-occurring disorders treatment, each patient who enters Cottonwood participates in a detailed medical and psychiatric assessment, including a thorough physical examination with our medical staff.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center - Co-occurring disorders treatment centerThis medical workup and diagnosis becomes an ongoing part of his or her treatment plan. Each patient is also evaluated by the Cottonwood therapy staff, which includes a bio-psycho social assessment for underlying mental health issues other than what is considered to be the primary problem. Presenting co-occurring issues could include: drug or alcohol dependency and: depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc. If left unattended, these problems frequently manifest into major mental health concerns, which increase in chronicity and frequency. Assessing co-occurring disorders early and addressing them during treatment brings awareness and the potential for resolution. Much of this work will be continued after treatment, following a dialogue between Cottonwood and the patient’s therapist.

Cottonwood’s co-occurring disorders program has proven to have a positive effect on preventing relapse after drug and alcohol treatment. Cottonwood can also makes quick assessments of co-occurring disorders through our Cottonwood Assessment Program (CAP), CAP is a 4 day intensive inpatient assessment program providing a comprehensive evaluation that will focus on the specific needs of the individual. For more comprehensive information on our co-occurring disorders treatment, we encourage you to explore our addiction and behavioral health programs or contact us at any time.

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