Annual Hildreth and Stone Awards

History and Criteria of Hildreth and Stone Awards


Hildreth Award

The Hildreth Award was established by Martha Hildreth, a former employee, an original shareholder and a long-time member of the Board of Directors. This annual award recognizes a member of the Cottonwood Tucson staff who is successful in their role at Cottonwood while consistently demonstrating respect and responsibility to our patients, fellow staff members and Cottonwood’s mission. The award is presented with a crystal etched with our symbol, a Cottonwood Tree.

Stone Award

The Stone Award was a named appropriately in honor of a Cottonwood Therapist, Dan Stone. The purpose of the award is to recognize a Clinician that personifies tough clinical values while displaying compassion and empathy, especially when working with very challenging clients. The actual award is an amethyst geode with a rough exterior but great inner beauty, symbolizing the inner beauty the clinician helps the patient to discover within.

Both the Hildreth and Stone awards are presented annually in December to the recipients in a gathering of our staff.

Hildreth Award Recipients

Leslie Whitaker
Leslie Whitaker
2017 Hildreth
Award Recipient

2017 Leslie Whitaker
2016 Julie Hall
2015 Dawn Majalca
2014  Amanda Scofield
2013  Steve Gottlieb
2012  Musomi McDowell
2011  Jameson Lee
2010  Chris Branch
2009  Ken Naig
2008  Audrey Bidiman
2007  Mary Vandine
2006  Jerry Twiggs
2005  Kathy Desmarais
2004  Valerie Leviton
2003  Rosa Salguero
2001  Mark Schlicker
2000  Janet Howerton
1999  Michael Clark
1998  Kim Sines
1997  Andrew Farley
1996  Linda Barela
1995  Debbie Grehl
1994  Lola Heckman

Stone Award Recipients

Thomas Schaefer
Thomas Schaefer
2018 Stone
Award Recipient

2018 Thomas Schaefer
2017 Lauren Golombek
2016 Kristen Doe
2015 Mark Levine
2014  Charles Gillispie
2013  Kim Sines
2012  Peter Biava
2011  Laura Brinckerhoff
2010  Tab Hoyt
2009  Lisa MacDonald
2008  Leonard Segal
2007  Edie Turcotte
2006  Daniel Buse
2005  Ed Rusnak
2004  Kathleen Parrish
2003  Dan Stone

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